April 2017 Featured Student of the Month



Brooklyn - 11

Instruments played:  electric guitar, acoustic guitar and keyboard.  Favorite band: Green Day - because she "likes punk rock".   What Brooklyn likes most about music lessons is that her instructor teaches her songs that she enjoys and in which she is interested.  She likes to practice playing when she’s the only person in the room.  If Brooklyn grew up to be a musician,  she’d be “a punk rocker playing the electric guitar”.  When asked how music can change the world, Brooklyn believes that "if there was no music then activism would be decreased”.

Nash - 8

Instruments played: drums, electric guitar, keyboard, ukulele, vocals.  Favorite band: 21 Pilots, Favorite song: "Stressed Out”.    Nash says that during and after his music lessons, playing the guitar makes him "happy, amazed and proud”.  He likes to practice anytime when he has free time.  Nash would like to be a guitarist when he grows up because "it's easy to learn and because there are a lot of songs with only guitars”.  When asked how music can change the world, Nash says that "Playing a musical instrument could help homeless people make money."

Nixon - 7

 Instruments played: drums and bongos.  Favorite artist: Lukas Graham - Favorite song: "Once I was 7 years old".  Nixon really enjoys learning in his lessons, playing and discovering new songs and beats each time.   He wants to be a drummer when he grows up because "it's easier and more fun than the other instruments he plays”.  When askedhow music can change the world, Nixon says that “if there was no music, people wouldn't be able to have fun and dance”.