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Meet 4-yr-old Paxten, who plays ukulele & piano, and sings with her music! Paxten is an aspiring songwriter who, at the age of 4, has already written a couple of big hits in our music community.  One of her original songs is called “Giddy Up”, which tells the story of her favorite horses and very special places in her life (she likes this song the most).  Although she is very self-motivated and creative with her songwriting, Paxten is also influenced by her favorite artist, Grace VanderWaal, who she saw win “America’s Got Talent” in 2016.

When asked what she likes most about music lessons, Paxten says that she likes cheering her friends on at recitals (what a big heart!) and simply practicing her ukulele, which both make her feel very happy. She likes to practice her music when she is camping, and also when family comes over to visit with her love for performing.  Outside of music, Paxten enjoys bike riding, skiing, and camping.  And when she grows up, she wants to be a “bike riding musician”, teaching other kids how to play music!  She believes that music helps to change the world by making people dance.

According to her instructor Katie, Paxten is able to write songs quickly based on a new idea learned in a lesson.  Once Paxten has an idea, Katie says that her “stream of consciousness” takes over from there to make it into a song.  Keep up the great work Paxten!  We are excited to see the great things to come with your music!




Instruments played:  Piano, Voice

Favorite band: Mercy Me, Favorite song: “Reckless Love” by Bethel Music

    What Gracie likes most about music lessons is she is able to learn new songs she likes each time.  She likes practicing piano after school and also on weekend mornings.  Along with her pursuit of piano, Gracie actually wants to be a guitarist when she grows up.  She says that music can change the world by making people happy.  When she is not making music, Gracie can be found working on her artwork or doing gymnastics.


Instruments played: Piano, Voice 

Favorite songs: Favorite songs: Moana Soundtrack, & “Reckless Love” by Bethel Music

    Brooklyn says that she also likes learning new songs in her music lessons, and has a fun routine of practicing her “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” song after school.  She wants to continuing to play piano when she grows up, and believes that music can help change the world because it “makes you feel like you can do anything”.  Outside of music, Brooklyn enjoys gymnastics and swimming.

According to their instructor Mariah, Gracie Mae is a very bubbly student who always starts lessons ready to go.  She is working on some singing techniques with her songs, and her Alfred Complete Level 1 book.  Brooklyn is prepared with her pieces every week and is very consistent in her practicing. She is in the Alfred Level 1A book, and also enjoys working in her theory book. Way to go Gracie Mae & Brooklyn!





Instruments played:  piano, guitar, and recorder.  Favorite band: AC/DC, Favorite song: “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

    What Stefan likes most about music lessons is simply the style of teaching from his instructor Travis that makes learning music fun.  He practices his piano 5 times/week with the support of his musical parents, and wants to play well enough to be in a band in college, then simply enjoy music with friends later in life. When asked how music can change the world, Stefan says that “you can communicate with music to different people”.  When he is not making music in his spare time, Stefan likes “messing around with his friends” and building Legos.


Instruments played: piano, drums, guitar.  Favorite band: Blue Man Group, Favorite song: “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses

    Lucas says that during music lessons he simply loves learning, and he thinks his instructor Travis is so nice to him because he is making him into a great musician.  He likes to practice “on the weekends because we don’t have school and I don’t get double stressed”.   Lucas would like to be a “rock and roll drummer” when he grows up!  When asked how music can change the world, Lucas says “It can make peace. It can relax people and make them forget about their worries.” - well said! Outside of music, Lucas enjoys playing dodgeball and football.


Instruments played: currently learning piano, plus a little guitar experience.  Favorite artist: Josh Ritter, Favorite song: (Pretty much any song by Josh Ritter!) - “Homecoming”, “Kathleen”, “Bright Smile”, etc..

    Sarah, who works as a Home Health Physical Therapist, enjoys the challenge that music gives her brain to grow as she learns.  She likes that music is something she does for herself and not anyone else, and that she is able to learn something new each time.  After dinner whens the rest of the family cleans the kitchen, Sarah enjoys playing the piano!  Music has always brought Sarah joy, and it’s a big part of her family (immediate and extended). Over holidays her extended family always plays music together and sings for hours after the big meal and it brings everyone from her 94 year old grandma to her 3 year old nephew together. She would like to be able to be able to play her instrument with other people.  When asked how music can change the world, Sarah says “It’s something that can bring all types of people together- it can bridge cultures and belief systems.  It is also a nice way to express feelings and spread messages in a less rhetorical way.”


Mikayla Hatfield


Meet 9-yr-old Mikayla Hatfield, who plays piano and sings!  Mikayla’s favorite song is “Cool Kids” by her favorite group, Echosmith.  Mikayla is a quick learner, and puts a lot of effort into her playing.  Her favorite part about lessons is her instructor, “Ms Kathi”, and how much fun they have in learning together.  Her favorite time to practice is after dinner when the day starts winding down.  Mikayla has dreams of being a true pianist and singer/songwriter when she grows up, and based on her latest performance at our fall recital, we all believe she is well on her way!  When asked how music can help change the world, she believes it simply helps people come together.  Outside of music, Mikayla enjoys soccer, basketball, playing with her brother Jacob, and throwing the frisbee with her dog Indigo. 

According to her instructor Kathi, Mikayla is a talented student with a shining smile and a kind heart.  Recently, a whole new world seemed to open up to Mikayla as she was given the opportunity to learn music “not from the book.”  Towards the beginning of lessons, Mikayla asked to learn a Christian worship song, and just after starting Kathi quickly noticed that she had a beautiful and natural singing voice!  She was also able to learn several new chords and became familiar with song structure from this experience.  Keep up the great work Mikayla!

2017 Archive - FeatureD Students



Meet 12 (soon to be 13) year-old Jack Henningsen, who has been taking guitar lessons for just under 1 year, and also plays the violin in school!  Jack’s favorite song is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, and his overall favorite band is The Beatles.  Jack really likes his guitar lessons mainly because he gets to choose the songs he wants to learn, and gets all of the support he needs in learning with his instructor.  He likes practicing just after school when there is some quiet time in the house. 

When Jack looks at his future in music, he is happy with his current instruments he has chosen and wants to continue to grow with them.  For now, his goal is to get to a level in his abilities where he would be able to make music with his friends.  If Jack could play his guitar anywhere outside of the US, he would choose England.  However he likes the variety of music available here in the states including rock, country, and jazz, and likes playing music here with people he knows!

According to his guitar instructor Andy, Jack is a very fast learner, and has been burning through his song list and exercises with impressive speed.  His song choices have been ambitious and they are currently making great headway in learning “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.  Jack also recently played “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas at our recent student performance evening in front of our music community.  Keep up the great work Jack!




Meet Samantha “Sam” Boyle, a Registered Nurse in the ICU who has been taking guitar lessons since the start of 2017!  Sam’s favorite band is the Rolling Stones, along with a strong interest in a variety of rock music such as Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Santana, & Pink Floyd among many others.  What she likes most about music lessons is the feeling of learning something new and improving little by little, and taking an hour aside each week for herself to do something that’s important to her.  Lessons have become a weekly “tradition” to which she looks forward.  Sam also enjoys playing and practicing at the local skate park while her boyfriend is skateboarding. 

For Sam, playing music builds confidence in exploring a new interesting hobby, although she wishes she wasn’t so shy to play in front of others.  Someday she would like to retire as a musician and play acoustic favorites for folks in a tropical bar somewhere, perhaps Southeast Asia or Central America!  On that note, if she had a current choice to play her instrument anywhere in the world it would be either at the Giralda in Granada, Spain or at Joshua Tree National Park.  When asked how music changes the world, Sam says “It brings happiness, togetherness, and community.  And maybe if more folks took time to make music, they wouldn't be as concerned with global domination. They'd be practicing scales!”

According to her guitar instructor Travis, Sam is very fearless in her challenging song choices she wants to learn, along with having an openness to learn new techniques and theory each week.  After beginning with only a few chords under her fingers, she has since decided to take on learning how to play melodies and guitar solo’s from David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Carlos Santana, and Slash (GNR)!  She has great persistence in learning, and is a true pleasure to teach!




Meet 9-yr-old Mia, who very recently has started learning to play flute! Mia’s favorite songs to listen to are “Lost Boy” by Ruth B, and “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran.  She has a knack for learning new skills on her flute quickly, and really likes to learn new songs and play duets with her instructor Lynn at each lesson.  Mia is very dedicated to practicing, and likes to do so after dinner so her family can listen to her playing when everyone is together. When she is grown up, Mia would like to be a true flutist, and it appears her dedication will take her there!  She really enjoys her travels, bringing her flute with her wherever she goes, and would one day enjoy playing her flute for people all the way in Japan!  When asked how music can help change the world, Mia believes that music brings people together and makes everyone happier.  In her words, “with music you’ll always have a fun time learning.” 

According to her flute instructor Lynn, Mia is a wonderfully smart and bubbly student, always eager to learn and is prepared for her lesson every week. She is learning new notes and challenging fingering, along with her tone and breath support getting stronger. She even took her flute with her while she was on vacation recently and worked on her lessons! Mia has learned a full octave scale already and loves playing duets. Her lesson time goes by so fast because they learn together and have fun at the same time. Keep up the great work Mia!