Summer Music Day Camp Registration

Note that after this initial form is submitted, you will be emailed a Waiver / Liability Release document along with online invoice.  Registration will not be fulfilled until these items are completed along with this form.  Once all items are fulfilled then your participant's spot will be held.


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Date of Birth
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Music Flow Day Camp Policy:

In addition to bringing a positive attitude for learning, participants are required to:

- Treat all other participants and staff with respect at all times.  No harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

- Respect the property of the camp and venue.  Participants must be granted permission to use property such as instruments or other learning tools, and shall not engage in damaging behavior with such property.

- Use appropriate language with others, without any violent or offensive actions.

- Only use personal cell phone or electronic devices during specified break times if they bring them, or for emergency use.

In the case of any issue with a participant, Music Flow staff will attempt to resolve it quickly and respectfully.  If the behavior continues, Music Flow reserves the right to contact the parent/guardian and remove the participant from the day camp without refund.