Amber Heath

(Violin / Viola / Piano)


Amber began her music education at the age of eight in Ohio, when her parents surprised her with a new piano. Before they could even save their money to begin lessons, Amber had worked out all of the major and minor scales on her own, as well as creating her first violin by holding a toy guitar on her left shoulder. After enrolling in both piano and viola lessons Amber pursued a classical music education, in high school having the privilege of performing under the tutelage of renowned Boston Pops Orchestra conductor Keith Lockhart.  Amber graduated from Ohio State University School of Music, where she studied viola with Emeritus Professor and ProMusica Chamber Orchestra performer Edward Adelson, as well as working with Robert Gillespie, director of one of the most extensive string pedagogy programs in the nation. After graduation, Amber expanded her musical repertoire to include violin and fiddle, performing in various folk and rock ensembles in Columbus, Ohio and later, in Portland Oregon. Amber has been teaching piano, violin, and viola since 1995 and has been a full-time career music teacher in classroom, ensemble, and private instruction for 13 years. She prides herself on her commitment to developing confidence in young people, understanding music education to be much more than teaching a particular skill. To Amber, teaching a person how to create music opens up a whole world of expression, creativity, and self-esteem that can aid in all aspects of life. She considers each student as a unique individual, with his or her own strengths, interests, experiences, and attitudes. And it is her personal goal to work with each student to help them achieve their personal best every day!

Sam Taylor

(Certified Suzuki instructor)


Sam Taylor is certainly one of the most versatile and multi-talented musicians residing in Central Oregon.  Sam grew up in a musical family, where piano was the featured instrument in the household, along with having a very accomplished pianist for a mother.  He and his siblings all formed a basis for music around the piano, gradually adding other instruments into the mix together.  His family had soon realized that Sam had special talent in his fingers, and at the age of 9 he was set up with private violin lessons and hasn’t turned back since.  Sam studied violin and viola primarily throughout high school, and was selected for a music scholarship to the University of Montana, while also completing studies across Europe.  Before college as well, Sam had picked up the guitar and was later selected to a master program at the university, taught by none other than the great classical guitarist, Christopher Parkening.  Throughout his studies and performing in his younger years, Sam had picked up a variety of stringed instruments, also including cello, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, and bass guitar (including stand-up bass).  

A few of Sam’s many accomplishments include having years in the Central Oregon Symphony as 1st Violinist, Concertmaster of the student orchestra at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, and conducting the Steckborn Civic Orchestra in Switzerland.  Throughout his life, Sam has felt a calling to pass along his musical knowledge and experience to new generations of music, and has gathered 30+ years experience in teaching private lessons.  Sam currently resides in Bend, and aside from teaching he is the Conductor of the Community Orchestra of Central Oregon.  He looks forward to continuing to share his passion for music with the community!