Instruments played:  piano, guitar, and recorder.  Favorite band: AC/DC, Favorite song: “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

What Stefan likes most about music lessons is simply the style of teaching from his instructor Travis that makes learning music fun.  He practices his piano 5 times/week with the support of his musical parents, and wants to play well enough to be in a band in college, then simply enjoy music with friends later in life. When asked how music can change the world, Stefan says that “you can communicate with music to different people”.  When he is not making music in his spare time, Stefan likes “messing around with his friends” and building Legos.


Instruments played: piano, drums, guitar.  Favorite band: Blue Man Group, Favorite song: “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses

Lucas says that during music lessons he simply loves learning, and he thinks his instructor Travis is so nice to him because he is making him into a great musician.  He likes to practice “on the weekends because we don’t have school and I don’t get double stressed”.   Lucas would like to be a “rock and roll drummer” when he grows up!  When asked how music can change the world, Lucas says “It can make peace. It can relax people and make them forget about their worries.” - well said! Outside of music, Lucas enjoys playing dodgeball and football.


Instruments played: currently learning piano, plus a little guitar experience.  Favorite artist: Josh Ritter, Favorite song: (Pretty much any song by Josh Ritter!) - “Homecoming”, “Kathleen”, “Bright Smile”, etc..

Sarah, who works as a Home Health Physical Therapist, enjoys the challenge that music gives her brain to grow as she learns.  She likes that music is something she does for herself and not anyone else, and that she is able to learn something new each time.  After dinner whens the rest of the family cleans the kitchen, Sarah enjoys playing the piano!  Music has always brought Sarah joy, and it’s a big part of her family (immediate and extended). Over holidays her extended family always plays music together and sings for hours after the big meal and it brings everyone from her 94 year old grandma to her 3 year old nephew together. She would like to be able to be able to play her instrument with other people.  When asked how music can change the world, Sarah says “It’s something that can bring all types of people together- it can bridge cultures and belief systems.  It is also a nice way to express feelings and spread messages in a less rhetorical way.”

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My name is Tatiana Cobos and I have been playing guitar for about 7 years. Ever since I can remember it always fascinated me the way the guitar looked, how it sounded, and the way you move your hands when you play the instrument. Along these 7 years I have had a few teachers. Some didn’t challenge me the way I wanted to be challenged and others had a different vision for me than that I had for myself. A couple of years ago we came across Music Flow. At the end of the first lesson I felt more connected to the guitar and to music. My instructor challenges me and shows me new concepts that I couldn’t even image exist. Every Wednesday I cannot wait to go home from school and see my instructor and what he has in store for me. Music for me has become a place I can explore and have my own little bubble of creativity. I have found my love for the guitar and music, and I have no plan in stopping my lessons any time soon! I love Music Flow and what I have learned!

Tatiana Cobos, Music Flow Student