Meet 16-yr-old McKenzie Harris, guitarist and singer!  Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift, who she has loved since elementary school, when she was still a country artist; she likes her new pop music in that it is not too mainstream and thinks “she is still OK”, but is still a fan of “the old Taylor”.  Outside of her music, McKenzie spends most of her time doing homework, going to theater rehearsal at Summit HS (where you should come see “White Christmas” opening on Nov 30th), and reading.

McKenzie enjoys music lessons because she gets a chance to learn while doing what she loves. Music is very therapeutic, and whenever she is stressed about high school or just stressed in general, these lessons always help calm her mind. In her busy life of school and theater, which take up the vast majority of her time, lessons provide her with a much needed chance to chill and relax, and she’s so grateful for that.  She enjoys practicing music whenever she has the chance as she knows that regular playing the best way to retain everything she is learning. So when she has some free time, she loves to go over her songs.  When asked where she would like to take her music into adulthood, McKenzie is open to simply allowing music to continue to bring her joy, whether that means joining a musical group or simply continuing her playing on her own.  

She believes music can help change the world because it is both a wonderful opportunity for stress relief, and connects all the different regions of one’s brain which in turn increases creativity and efficiency of the mind. So many people turn away from music when they’re young, and she thinks that’s often because they try it once and assume they can’t improve, and then quit early. She also thinks many young kids are pushed towards music, and this can lead to them not appreciating music because they associate it with doing something against their will. She wishes more people would come back to music as they get older, so they would get a chance to see that there are so many new ways to learn that will positively impact their lives.

According to her instructor Travis, McKenzie is simply a joy to teach and play music with.  She has been playing guitar for only 1.5yrs, and is a great example of a student who just dives right in to learning, laughing off mistakes, and building a true joy for playing each week.  A side effect of that great attitude has been immense improvement in her playing ability over such a short time.  It has been so great to see her willingness to perform around town as well, sounding better and better each time. Way to go McKenzie! 

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In November of 2015 I had decided to really start learning how to play the Guitar after years of just knowing a few Chords and Rhythm and playing the same old stuff over and over, and through a business relationship I found out about Music Flow Teaching and little did I know at that time what a huge impact this was going to have on my life. My goal in the beginning was to learn how to Solo and not just copy or mimic what other Guitar players had done but be able to create my own solos, I was shocked at how quickly my Instructor was able to get the basic scales needed to start this process going, and how fast I was able to absorb these techniques and forms to get started on my journey to my Goal. Now that I have been doing this for over a year and a half it seems like every lesson just provides a quicker learning experience as I get more and more of the capabilities in my hand. I really like how my Instructor is able to adapt quickly and change from lesson to lesson to work on a technique or form instead of just sticking to some plan that someone else has developed. What I have learned since starting with Music Flow has affected my life in more ways than just music alone, it has reignited a passion that had been gone for a long time as I look so forward to getting home and playing everyday, it has also helped every other part of my life as well. I now seem to focus on task better and and pay more attention to detail than before I started on this journey. From the deepest part of my Heart I would like to just say Thank You Music Flow Teaching and I cant wait to see what the next year holds because if it is anything like the last year my advancement will be exponential.

Jeff Miller, Music Flow Student