• Have a space in the home for lessons that has a quiet atmosphere with minimal distraction
  • Keep a basic notebook and binder for handouts and lesson notes
  • Have access to email and printer for any additional handouts
  • Bring a fun and positive attitude for learning
  • Set aside at least 20min a day (or about 1.5-2hrs/week) of practice time outside of lessons
  • Be able to purchase books online (i.e. amazon.com) periodically that supplement the instruction plan


  • Treat the home of the student and everyone inside with a high level of respect and kindness
  • Engage the student at all times throughout the lesson, creating a fun atmosphere
  • Prepare for each lesson and maintain a high level of quality that keeps the student and family motivated to continue instruction
  • Communicate in a responsive manner and provide as much flexibility as reasonably possible to meet the client’s needs

My name is Tatiana Cobos and I have been playing guitar for about 7 years. Ever since I can remember it always fascinated me the way the guitar looked, how it sounded, and the way you move your hands when you play the instrument. Along these 7 years I have had a few teachers. Some didn’t challenge me the way I wanted to be challenged and others had a different vision for me than that I had for myself. A couple of years ago we came across Music Flow. At the end of the first lesson I felt more connected to the guitar and to music. My instructor challenges me and shows me new concepts that I couldn’t even image exist. Every Wednesday I cannot wait to go home from school and see my instructor and what he has in store for me. Music for me has become a place I can explore and have my own little bubble of creativity. I have found my love for the guitar and music, and I have no plan in stopping my lessons any time soon! I love Music Flow and what I have learned!

Tatiana Cobos, Music Flow Student