Steve Miller

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Steve Miller began his music studies at the age of 10 with regular piano lessons.  In the 6th grade, when his mother asked him what musical instrument he wanted to play in band, without any hesitation, he exclaimed “DRUMS!”.  This was, of course, out of the question to his mother for a variety of reasons, so he ended up playing trombone.  Having spent 5 days per week from 6th through 12th grade learning about music in band class, he developed a keen understanding for the fundamentals of music and how to perform.  Sophomore year, he joined some of his friends who had formed a ska/funk band and began playing official gigs, with the first being Downtown Summer Fest ‘99.  At the beginning of his senior year, he started playing guitar and fell so in love with it that he would often find himself sitting on the edge of his bed practicing for 8-10 hours per day.  After high school, the members of the band all went their own way for a handful of years, but in the the beginning of 2007 reunited and formed a band that spent next 8 years writing, recording and playing professional gigs all over the western U.S.  At their peak, his band was practicing 3 days per week and playing upwards of 10-15 shows per month!  In 2015-2016, Steve reconnected with music studies by way of piano and drums. As of December 2016, he is the full time drummer of the Balkan infused funk-rock band Alovitiman. 


Andy Jacobs

Born in Bend during the early 80’s, Andy developed an intense passion for music at an early age.  His parents exposed him to the oldies they grew up with, ranging from Elvis and Buddy Holly to Motown and The Beatles.  In 1994, while Andy was in 8th grade, a Jimi Hendrix cover band played at his school and blew his adolescent mind.  At that moment, he decided to use the money he earned delivering the local newspaper on his bike to purchase his first electric guitar.  Immediately, he began to learn the instrument on his own by playing along with his favorite albums of the early 90’s.  It wasn’t long before he was playing in bands and gigging out regularly.  Andy has played in countless bands around town over the last two decades.  ‘Goodbye Dyna’ is Andy’s solo project that has released a few albums in which he writes and plays everything on them.  Andy is also an accomplished drummer and can be found playing in the local desert-metal band ‘Drunk Pilot’.  He is also currently playing guitar and singing for reggae tribute band, ‘Subliminal’.  Andy has been teaching private lessons for 10 years now and has also taught the ‘School of Rock’ class at Cascade School of Music.  He is also well-versed in vocal training and can offer this service as well to aspiring performers.